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Facility Management
The ProManage facility module gives you an easy way of administer your network facilities.

Cost Management
Cost control and Management is key in any network administration. The ProManage financial module provides you with all necessary features for proper cost management.

Asset Management
Good track recording of you network assets leads to improved network utilisation the ProManage solution show the way.

Network Polling  Solutions
ProXit provides comprehensive network polling solutions for ATM, SDH, IP, Voice. Using a vast variety of protocols Telnet, SNMP, Q3, TxT , SQL, TCP/IP Socket.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

ProManage 4.0 Light
Ever wanted a proper tool for your Network Planning, Auditing, Facility Management or Leased Line Management well here is the tool for you.

The ProManage Light is a full-featured version of the ProManage Network Information Management Tool (NIMS) designed exclusively for small and medium size telecommunication companies.

The main focus is to provide an easy to implement and cost efficient application, without the big overhead of customization and specialization.

Now ISPs, Fixed line and Wireless providers can get the same benefits as the big players without paying the high price.

Users also have the same flexibility as in the full version of ProManage to create new network element types and properties as well as new statistics, reports and network lists and associate GIS Maps.

The ProManage light comes in an easy to install and maintainance free packages with basically no customization needed.

Additional modules can be added or bought later on as the network grow or new functionionality is needed

List of features
Manage Elements such as
• Networks, Sites, Nodes, Cards Ports, Links, Channels
Support Information
• Locations, Carrier, Vendor, Equipment and Link Types
Common Properties
• Contacts, Costs, Events, Information Items, Audit Items, External References (Web/FTP/Doc)

Other features.
• Integrated Telnet
• Integrated FTP
• Automated Update.
• Integreted GIS application

Offer PM Light 4.0
ProManage Light come in a convinient package with everything to get started.

ProManage 4.0 Light,
(5 user licenses)
Free Oracle Standard Edition One
(5 user licenses).
Free MapInfo Distribution Licenses
(5 user licenses)
Free InfoMaker Reporting Tool
(1 user license)
Free First year maintenance
Free Local GIS Map
Only USD 24,995

Free Demo CD
ProManage Light 4.0

To learn more about this solution, order your free demo CD and Read more about the ProManage Light solutions for SMBs.

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