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Facility Management
The ProManage facility module gives you an easy way of administer your network facilities.

Cost Management
Cost control and Management is key in any network administration. The ProManage financial module provides you with all necessary features for proper cost management.

Asset Management
Good track recording of you network assets leads to improved network utilisation the ProManage solution show the way.

Network Polling  Solutions
ProXit provides comprehensive network polling solutions for ATM, SDH, IP, Voice. Using a vast variety of protocols Telnet, SNMP, Q3, TxT , SQL, TCP/IP Socket.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Asset Management

Efficient operation is crucial in order to survive in today's competitive Telecom environment

Having easy access to up-to-date information is the single most critical item and good information Management provides the basis for all other activities.

ProManage keeps track of all your network assets and all network equipment is tracked into a common network repository that allows for recovery of stranded assets and optimal usage of the combined capability of the network

Multilayered network commenly comprise of a host of different technologies. Each network device has it's own set of configuration rules and characteristics ProManage provide a generic approcal to handle and track this diverity all the way down to the port level. An unparalleled level of control can be achieved yielding an operationally sound and cost effective network infrastructure.

The ProManage application is a full features COTS system ready to deploy now. There is no development time and it easily fits into any telecom environment because of it's standard way of handling all facility and network information

It's also easy to learn and master for all employees technical as well as non technical

For an screenshot of the Promanage application click on the image below.

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With ProManage Finance Module you can efficiently maintain and track all types of Information for Facility Management. ProManage maintains information including:

• Equipment Vendor and Type
• Node/Card/Port Detail
• Software Revision Level
• Spares and Auxilliary Equipment
• Action Dates
• Contact Information
• Reference Attachments
• Floor Plans, Service Orders etc.
• Element Usage

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