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Facility Management
The ProManage facility module gives you an easy way of administer your network facilities.

Cost Management
Cost control and Management is key in any network administration. The ProManage financial module provides you with all necessary features for proper cost management.

Asset Management
Good track recording of you network assets leads to improved network utilisation the ProManage solution show the way.

Network Polling  Solutions
ProXit provides comprehensive network polling solutions for ATM, SDH, IP, Voice. Using a vast variety of protocols Telnet, SNMP, Q3, TxT , SQL, TCP/IP Socket.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

ProManage Network Information System for Telecommunication service providors.

The ProManage Network Information Systems (NIMS) is an multipurpose Network Inventory and asset management tool for large network (voice and data) .

The ProManage application uses a modular approach where modules are optional and can be added as required based on customer need.

Utilizing ProManage, relevant network information is entered, stored and maintained in a predefined manner allowing for ready telecom network design and operation as well as business decision support.

The ProManage architecture and data structures are preoptimized for most telecommunications environments. although customization is possible based on particular customer environments.

An important difference between the ProManage database structure and traditional NMS oriented databases is the time factor. The ProManage application allows for planning and historical perspective as well. Including how the network may look in the future or the characteristics of the network historically. This aspect can be critical when doing network design and planning, and for performing "what-if" simulations.

The ProManage Network Information Systems (NIMS) Is a multipurpose application that allows departments and organisations to have a common reprository for all network related information.

Provide extract information for ad hoc analysis for part of the network (by region, POP, subnetwork, etc.). Share detailed web-based network maps and lists of network elements for presentations and reports; simple copy and paste between ProManage and MS Office or equivalents application.

Effectively map and track cable investments. Display physical routing of cable path including wet and dry segments. Calculate distance, availability and delay characteristics for cable routes effortlessly. Record all capital investments and ongoing maintenance expenses. Track installation dates, carrier performance, and all relevant administrative details.

Follow the capacity usage of both routing/switching elements and transmission links. Simplify decision-making as to when to install more network equipment or order more transmission links. Normal and exception reporting on usage of network assets.

Record all new network deployment on a project by- project basis. Track project progress as implementation occurs.

Provide monthly, quarterly or annual budgets for the whole network or segments of the network, by geography or network layer. Develop currency risk scenarios and understand the impact of currency fluctuation.

For all points-of presence (POP). Facilities cost and related management plays an increasingly important part of the overall network capability. Capture facility size and usage, main and backup power generation, and air conditioning capacity must all be carefully managed as a shortage of any of these elements is just as critical as lack of a spare port on a router or switch.

Preventive and emergency maintenance cycles can be schedules and managed for all types of equipment (Air-Con, Fire Prevention, Transmission and Outdoor equipment). Maintenance and setting up KPIs for MTBR.

ProManage is implemented on top of the Oracle Database Engine

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