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Professional Services
ProXit provide professional services within a vast variety of telecommunication related services
- Merger and Acquisition
- Network Planning
- Network Administration
- Management
- Ad Hoc Network related Projects

Global Software Development
ProXit provides outsourcing of custom make application using our experienced development team in Malaysia.
Customisation of the ProTools Suite
ProXit provides customisation of the ProTools Application Suite.
Network Audit
Large and complex networks can be hard to administer. Lost Network elements and inconsistencies are common in administrative data and are common factors for over-engineering and under utilisation of resources. ProXit team of professionals can provide assistance in conducting network audit of sites and equipment.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Great outsourcing deals: Global Software development can now be a reality for every one.

Small and medium size enterprises can now partner with ProXit and enjoy the benefits of having a highly skilled remote development team taking proper care of the companies' software development projects. ProXit provides favorable outsourcing deals that not only cut costs but also provides a convenient framework that truly creates successes.

ProXit has the past 8 years developed a network of IT professionals specialised in managing remote software development projects, for multinational companies around the world, and have local staff in Denmark, Italy, US and Malaysia

Though local consultants are available for analysis, project planning and customer care, most companies prefers a close contact with the development team and with the improvement in telecom-munication technologies cross border phone calls and video conferencing are now a feasible way of keeping contact with the development team out through the development period.

Below is a list of tools that we use for visualizing the progress of the project and communicate with the customers oversea.

· Video conferencing
· IP telephony (H.323)
· Instant Messenger.
· Email
· Project website.

Extended customer support hours. To compensate for the time difference our oversea partners and customers have available extended support from 9 pm to 11 am GMT+8 (5x14). In this way customer especially from Europe will experience customer support doing local working hours.

Investment in customised software is often a critical and costly matter that has to be carefully managed in all phases of the development and maintenance phase.

With ProXit your investment is safe our experienced team of IT professionals guide you through the difficult steps of software development insuring that your software becomes a success.

In a changing world the demand for flexible software is crucial. Companies are aware of how important a factor software development is in a company's competition strategy.

They have realised that those companies that quickly adapt their software to changes in market and organisation benefits from positive market advantages.

ProXit is your partner that provides you with high quality software that grows and adapts to changes in your market and organisation. One of our goals is to provide our customers with scalable and reliable solutions that function not as an obstacle but as a base for growth, now as well as in the future.

The development and maintenance of customised software is a continuous process of improving and enhancing the program in order to meet customer demands.

ProXit research and software development centre is located in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia. Malaysia

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