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Professional Services
ProXit provide professional services within a vast variety of telecommunication related services
- Merger and Acquisition
- Network Planning
- Network Administration
- Management
- Ad Hoc Network related Projects

Global Software Development
ProXit provides outsourcing of custom make application using our experienced development team in Malaysia.
Customisation of the ProTools Suite
ProXit provides customisation of the ProTools Application Suite.
Network Audit
Large and complex networks can be hard to administer. Lost Network elements and inconsistencies are common in administrative data and are common factors for over-engineering and under utilisation of resources. ProXit team of professionals can provide assistance in conducting network audit of sites and equipment.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Telecommunication Management and Consulting.

ProXit offers design, engineering, and implementation services leading to easier-to-operate and lower cost networks. Our consultants has many years of experience within the field of Telecommunication Management and Inforamtion technology.

Within this aspect we provided general consultency services within the area of:

• Network Optimisation
• Network Cost/Benefit analysis
• Network Planning
• Telecom Merger and Acquisitions.
• Network outsourceing

Our experience include working with the integration, and network planning for one of the global "Super Carriers" Planning, engineering and systems development of major global frame relay and IP provider

Information Technology
Within the area of Information Technology. we provide consultiencies within

• Outsourcing of IT assignments
• Global Development
• System Integration
• Customisation of ProTools
• Analysis and Programming
• Maintainance of application.

Business Services Provider (BSP) Outsourcing
BSP Outsourcing allows for full ProTools applications and related support outsourcing to ProXit. With this option the customer focuses on his or her underlying business, not how to operate and maintain the ProTools application suite.

Building on our significant experience in design, implementation, and operation of telecom networks around the world, we accept specific consulting arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Our principals have experience in a variety of operating environments including:

A NIMS industry first, the Business Services Provider (BSP) Outsourcing service allows for complete Outsourcing of the ProTools applications and associated support. ProXit professionals arrange for all software and hardware installation, application customization to your business specifications, applications and database administration (moves, adds, changes for customer personnel), database and applications maintenance, and remote access arrangements for your enterprise.

There is absolutely no requirement placed on the customer Organization for computer hardware, LAN configuration, user set-up, or application maintenance. Imagine, the power and capabilities of the ProTools product suite without the hassle associated with maintaining powerful software business tools.

The BSP Outsourcing option is the premier ProXit service option for those customers demanding the highest level of support.

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