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Professional Services
ProXit provide professional services within a vast variety of telecommunication related services
- Merger and Acquisition
- Network Planning
- Network Administration
- Management
- Ad Hoc Network related Projects

Global Software Development
ProXit provides outsourcing of custom make application using our experienced development team in Malaysia.
Customisation of the ProTools Suite
ProXit provides customisation of the ProTools Application Suite.
Network Audit
Large and complex networks can be hard to administer. Lost Network elements and inconsistencies are common in administrative data and are common factors for over-engineering and under utilisation of resources. ProXit team of professionals can provide assistance in conducting network audit of sites and equipment.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Customer Support

Extended customer support hours. To compensate for the time difference our oversea partners and customers have available extended support from 9 pm to 11 am GMT+8 (5x14). In this way customers especially from Europe will experience customer support doing local working hours.

Below is a list of tools that we use for visualizing the progress of the project and communicate with the customers oversea.

· Video conferencing
· IP telephony (H.323)
· Instant Messenger.
· Email
· Project website.

Key Benefits:

· Technical Support is Geared to Customer Desires

· Expert Staff and Multilingual Support

· Allows for Real-Time Support for Critical Applications

The ProXit Professional Services offers two types of Technical Support options. The two options are designed to allow customers who require various degrees of support to obtain exactly the level of help they need at a cost-effective price.

Tech Support Standard

With this option, we offer email and phone support worldwide during local business hours, out of our 3 regional support offices. For the Asia region, technical support is available from 8.00 until 18.00 local time out of our Kuala Lumpur regional headquarters office. For the European region, technical support is available from 8.00 until 18.00 local time out of our Copenhagen regional headquarters office. For the Americas region, technical support is available from 8.00 until 18.00 local time out of our Washington DC regional headquarters office.

Utilizing our "Follow-the-Sun" approach for technical support, we're working when you're working. Our Professional Services group is staffed by IT and Telecom specialists providing a high level of customer service. In addition to the group's technical expertise, additional benefits include multilingual support, access to our development staff, and on-site customer support, as required by the customer. This will allow your mission critical applications to operate smoothly and let you focus on your primary business.

Tech Support ATOL

Added recently to the ProXit Professional Services portfolio, the Tech Support All-time Online (ATOL) option is available for those customers who would like intense oversight by ProXit of their ProTools applications. As with the Tech Support Standard option, we offer email and phone support worldwide during local business hours. In addition, our Regional professional staff will monitor your ProTools applications remotely reviewing configuration parameters, application performance, and suggesting techniques for getting the most out of your investment.

Also, bug fixes and product enhancements can be installed remotely by our experts allowing you ready access to our newest technology. The Tech Support ATOL option requires that the customer location housing the ProTools applications maintain a xDSL connection to the Internet and that ProXit be provided an administrative password key to the customer-purchased applications. Utilizing this option, a real sense of control and peace-of-mind comes with every ProTools installation.

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