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Solutions for Telecommunication companies
Looking for an ecosystem to administer your network resources.  The ProTools suite is the unmatched solution for administration of complex heterogeneous network.

Global Software Development
Software development is moving East these days. Read about the ProXit approach to remote software development.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Free ProManage Trial CD
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Solutions for cost efficient Network Management

ProXit provides Solutions that help Network Operators and Multinational Corporations manage their voice and data networks cost-effectively. Eliminate the multitude of information systems, spreadsheets, and stray sheets of paper used to track your company's critical business with our comprehensive, integrated, and fully web-enabled systems. Instead of running your business with multiple unsynchronized databases, incomplete equipment inventory lists and with circuits deployed and paid for but unused or misprovisioned or just a general lack of capability to truly assess the cost of doing business - adopt the ProXit approach now. Our approach pays off in reduced operating costs. Read more

Great outsourcing deals: Global Software development can now be a reality for every one.

Small and medium size enterprises can now partner with ProXit and enjoy the benefits of having a remote development team taking proper care of the companies' software development projects.

ProXit provides favorable outsourcing deals that not only cut costs but also provides a convenient framework that truly create successes.

ProXit has 8 years of experience in managing remote software development projects, for multinational companies around the world, and have local staff in Denmark, Italy, US and Malaysia. Read more


ProManage Light 4.0 helps small and medium size Telecommunication Operators, ISP's, WSP, VoIP run their operations like Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about this solution, order your free demo CD and read more about the ProManage Light solutions for SMBs.


Campaign runs until August.
Get a chance to try the latest version of the ProManage Light. The Product offers great value and are sold in an affordable bundle with all necessary modules to get started. The campaign runs until July. Read more about the ProManage Light campaign

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