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Facility Management
The ProManage facility module gives you an easy way of administer your network facilities.

Cost Management
Cost control and Management is key in any network administration. The ProManage financial module provides you with all necessary features for proper cost management.

Asset Management
Good track recording of you network assets leads to improved network utilisation the ProManage solution show the way.

Network Polling  Solutions
ProXit provides comprehensive network polling solutions for ATM, SDH, IP, Voice. Using a vast variety of protocols Telnet, SNMP, Q3, TxT , SQL, TCP/IP Socket.

Brochures & White Papers
Download the latest whitepapers about the ProXit Solutions and Methodology

Solutions for Telecommunication companies

ProXit provides a wide range of solutions for Network Operators and Multinational Corporations that help manage their voice and data networks cost-effectively. ProXit provide tools and solutions within a vast variety of aspects of managing a large network.

• Network Asset Management
• Facility Management
• Network Auditing
• Network Planning
• Leased Line Management
• SLA Monitoring
• Performance Monitoring
• Fault Assistance
• Capacity Reporting
• Network Element Polling

The ProXit solutions are based on a single platform ProManage. It is fully scalable and capable of administer hundred of thousands of network elements and at the same time modular build for easy adoption for even the smallest of networks.

The ProManage application has a proven track record world-wide and can be used in a local workgroup environment as well as in a distributed global organizations with hundreds of concurrent users.

The ProManage application store and maintain relevant network information in a predefined manner allowing for ready telecom network design and operation as well as business decision support.

The ProManage architecture and data structures are optimised for most telecommunications environments although customisation is possible based on particular customer environments.

ProManage is implemented on the Oracle database engine and support 8i, 9i and 10g

ProManage comes pre-built with telecom-specific tables including locations, equipment type, circuits, suppliers, etc.

Easy to use input forms provide a simple and repeatable mechanism for collecting network information or alternatively network information can be collected automatically via ProCollector.

A standard set of reports comes pre-built with ProManage. Other custom reports can be provided on a as-needed basis by ProXit or by the companies IT department.

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